Wednesday, January 15, 2014

REI Sahara Cadet Cape Hat

It's been a dry summer and the Colorado's been running low. Although we just noticed an uptick and saw the indicator rock was almost submerged. Time to break out the rubber raft and head for a river run down the Daily! The challenge was not just the hot sun, but the gusting winds. I had to choose my headgear carefully.

Of course, the Beau Geste  look is always a fashion favorite among river rats, as well as Alan Ladd and the Foreign Legion.  The rear mounted sun cape has always been a functional favorite for me. It fully protects the neck and ears, and is less likely to spin off in a gust.

REI has designed their Sahara Cadet with a flat top and short 2 3/4" brim. With the Sun Cape draped to your shoulders, it's all you need to comfortably shade you from high elevation rays. The Cadet is constructed of soft, breathable nylon fabric with a UPF 50+ rating. It's got a handy elastic cord that cinches this lid on your head, which lies just below a large cooling vent around the back and sides.  For those forays into civilization, you can roll up the cape and button it underneath the band. The foam-stiffened brim will keep the hat afloat in water
Final verdict: my river mates had big floppy-brimmed headgear with chin straps that flapped in the wind like the Flying Nun's cornet. My comfortably cinched hat stayed on like it was glued. Comes in Wombat or White. One size for all.
$26.50  / rei.com

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